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Liberal Arts | Spring 2018 | Newletter I


It has been a month since Liberal Arts students arrived at Barcelona! They have been very busy with orientation, getting to know the city and their local institution, Pompeu Fabra and participating in a lot of cultural events. Here there are some details:

How millennials tell their experience through blogging

A lot of students share their study abroad experience through their blogs. Emily from Fisk University shared with us her amazing blog where she posts her views and pictures of her experience. This is what she wrote about the CIEE day trips to Tarragona or Girona: “I love this city! If you are a history buff- you would too! Filled with gorgeous little streets, ancient Roman ruins along the Golden coast, Tarragona is one for the books.” "The Arab baths were one of my favorite findings in Girona! These Arab baths are Romanesque construction (12th century) inspired by Roman baths, its most outstanding elements include the entrance, which was used as a changing room and relaxation area and is covered with a barrel vault, and the cupola covering the central pool, which is supported by slim columns with gorgeously capitals”.

You can check her blog in here:

Blog 5
Blog 5
Blog 5
Blog 5
Blog 5
Blog 5

Know the city with your skate

Gavin from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Madeleine from Barnard College are skaters that didn´t leave behind their hobby when they came to study abroad. They are getting to know Barcelona, its plazas, parks, trendy neighborhoods with their skate.

Here is Gavin´s testimony:


Visit to the Music Museum

We offered almost 30 different cultural activities students can do with our Guardian Angels  (local students) to get to get acquainted with the city the first weeks. These include among others: museums visits and tours; going to parks, open markets; historical landmarks, and trendy neighborhoods.  Some students visited the Music Museum in Barcelona. The museum exhibits around 500 music instruments from different ages and cultures and it’s considered as one of the most important music exhibition of Spain. Students learned about the history of instruments and had the opportunity to play some of them.   Foto música
Foto música


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