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Economics + Culture, Spring 2018, Newsletter I


A new semester has begun and this new group of Economic + Culture students has already had the chance to get adapted to the city, their courses at CIEE and their host institution, UPF. Dan, from Colby College, wanted to participate in an interview to explain his thoughts on the first weeks of the semester, the excitement of this new time in his life and the differences that he’s experienced so far. Check out his video:

Also, as an assignment in the CIEE Art History class, Catalonia and Spain through the Arts, students must record a video in front of a monument in Barcelona. The goal of this task is to have students explain a local landmark to the “average American public”, based on general information about it and also on two analogies with an American cultural artifact. Thus, students are able to make connections between the two cultures and bridge ideas between them. Justin, from George Washington University, wanted to share his videos about "El Gato del Raval", by Fernando Botero, Check out his project in the following link:





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