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Global Architecture + Design, Spring 2018, Newsletter I

A (great) surprise from the past

The new semester has already begun and the students got a surprise visit from an alumni student... Cory, from the Colorado College, was a GAD student in Spring 2017, and while visiting Barcelona again this month, he stopped by for a visit. The new students had a chance to meet him at the IaaC where he gave a short lecture explaining his project "AlGaudí Tile", which he worked on while he participated in the program. Thus, they had the opportunity to not only see an excellent example of work firsthand but also to discuss the challenges of the program with him.


This is great news because last December, the IaaC published Cory's work in their “How to” Guide, part of the framework of the Active Public Space project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is led by IaaC, in partnership with the Centre for Central European Architecture and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

You can check out "AlGaudí Tile" via this link (pages 280-283) or watch the video of the entire project.

Program visit

As part of the program, students participated in an optional activity that took them to the Montjuïc mountain area, where the Universal World Fair took place in Barcelona in 1929. Besides viewing some of the major monuments and facilities, such as the National Palace or the 4 Columns, students also had the chance to visit one of the most important historical structures from that world fair: the German Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. Considered one of the four main buildings of the Modern Movement, the magic and relevance it holds in the history of architecture is more than well-known due to its symbolic significance and the revolutionary design of its time. For this group of students, who had studied the building and used it sometimes as reference for their projects, was highly useful to experience it first-hand and especially analyze the relationship inside and outside.




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