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Global Architecture + Design, Fall 2017, Newsletter II


This semester has come to an end and students were fully immersed in their experience abroad and in their academic projects. As part of the program, Global Architecture students participated in their academic weekend trip at the end of November when they had the opportunity to visit Berlin, Germany and meet colleagues in the two other Global Architecture and Design programs, which are located in Berlin and Prague. The weekend trip included a combination of walking tours, site visits, student presentations and free time.



During the trip, students had the chance to visit the historic part of Berlin as well as architectural-related buildings, such as the Jewish Museum and the Sony Center. Also, our colleagues at the CIEE Berlin Global Institute organized an afternoon in which students exhibited their projects and later discussed them in proper presentation format.

Hannah, from Washington State University, wanted to contribute to this post with her impressions about the trip. Check them out in this video: 


Mathilde Marengo, instructor of the Future Cities Studio, explains in the video above the nature of the program and the project for this semester, which has had satisfactory results. Students worked under these parameters and showed their prototypes and implementation and a way to implement it in the site. Here you can find the results of their research throughout the semester.


 Project created by Craig and Esther, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and June, from Carnegie Mellon University

20171220_1121331HYDROCOOL PANELS

Project created by Jen, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and Hannah and Mira, from Washington State University20171220_11213320171220_112133


Project created by SofĂ­a, from Portland State University and Jessica and Rebbeca, from Carnegie Mellon University

20171220_112133ALGAE FLOWER

Project created by Alice, from University of Massachusetts Amherst.



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