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Liberal Arts, Fall 2016, Newsletter iii


Fall semester is gone and we wish students had an enriching experience in Barcelona. Here it is some of the activities they did at the last part of the semester.  

Re-entry Workshop to learn strategies for adjustment back in the States

Foto re-entryFoto re-entry 2

The last day of the semester, LA students participated in the Re-entry Workshop, a session dedicated to reflect on their experience studying abroad in Barcelona, to understand the re-entry process and challenges, to learn strategies for adjustment and ways to stay globally engaged and how to incorporate their experiences into their daily lives. One of the activities consisted in sharing their best memory of the semester while forming a web between them, symbolizing their interconnection. Some of the best memories of our students shared were related to their experiences living with a host family, meeting new friends and travelling.

Volunteering with kids with hearing disabilities

Foto LaurenLauren from Vanderbilt University volunteered once a week with a local non-profit T-oigo that works with people with hearing disabilities. Lauren helped a 7 year old boy with his English practicing with him phonetics and vocabulary.

History of Rebel Women in Barcelona

Ruta-Barcelona-guerra-y-revolucion-440x330Foto mujeres revolucionariasStudents at the CIEE course Past and Present in Barcelona not only did the traditional field trips around the city and the visits to different museums but for the first time, professor took them in a tour about the social movements and revolutionary processes in Barcelona from 1909 to 1979 and the specific role played by women. Students enjoyed a route about some historical events such as the women´s right to vote, to abortion or to get divorce.


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