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We are already passed mid-semester! Liberal Arts students have been very busy with classes, cultural activities, meeting locals or volunteering. Find here some details.

“From the six-year olds, I have learned how to better pronounce certain words”

Foto Kayla

Kayla from Wellesley College volunteers in a local school as an English teaching assistant

Liberal Arts students have the opportunity to volunteer as English Teacher Assistants at a local school, Centre d’estudis Montseny, for two hours every week. This is what they say about their experience.

Kayla from Wellesley College commented about her experience:

“On Tuesdays, I work with 14 year-old students.  Since they have been studying English for a while now, we focus on discussion and conversational skills.  Usually, there is a group of 6 to 10 students and we talk for an hour about certain topics that the teacher and I have previously come up with.  On Thursdays, I work with six year-old students.  Because they are younger, they are exposed to English during Arts&Crafts time.  I help the teacher in instructing the children on how to make the certain crafts of the day.  Along with saying the directions in English, I usually spend most of the time going from table to table, speaking with the children, asking them basic questions to expose them to more English.

The best part about volunteering at Escola Montseny is that I get to learn things from the students.  I have learned a lot from the older students about Spanish culture, how growing up in a household in Barcelona is different from in the US, and which good, local restaurants are a must-try.  From the six year-olds, I have learned how to better pronounce certain words, and they have also taught me some basic Catalan (which has been very useful!).”

Bomb shelter visit: “I think the fieldtrips are helpful for understanding the concepts taught in class”

Foto refugio 1

Foto refugio 2

Students visited a bomb shelter built during the Spanish Civil War  

Students at the Past and Present in Barcelona CIEE course got to visit a bomb shelter built by the locals during the Spanish Civil War. There they learned about when Barcelona was bombed by the Italian army who helped Franco’s troops in 1938, when around 1300 people died. Students learned about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and got to explore the bomb shelter where locals protected themselves from the bombs. Students commented: “I think the fieldtrips are helpful for understanding the concepts taught in class”.

Syrian Refugee in Barcelona explains his experience to our students

Foto refugiado 1



Mayar Skita is a Syrian refugee from Alepo who is studying a Master’s Degree in Barcelona and came as a guest speaker to the Past and Present in Barcelona CIEE class. He made a presentation about the current war situation in Syria and explained how he got to be a refugee in Barcelona. Students asked a lot of questions about the Syrian war and his experience leaving the country. Professor focused on Barcelona as a city who welcomes refuges and how was when people from Barcelona were refugees in other countries during the Spanish Civil War.


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