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Our Summer Internship  program came to its end and students left today! These are some examples of their working experiences:

Getting intercultural skills through the internship

Foto Sara

Sara from University of Boulder-Colorado did her internship in a NGO, Mujeres Felices, which advocates for women’s rights especially in Africa.  Sara helped the organization internationalize by managing their public relations and helping them translate a multitude of texts to English.

This is what she commented: “My experience is going well, what I enjoy most is that I am able to see the business side of working in another country.  So far I have been fascinated by the number of similarities and differences between the United States and Spain's business culture.

From this experience, I have learned to not jump to conclusions so quickly and to see if there is a cultural reason behind people´s actions.  Looking toward the future, I am confident that I can offer potential employers back home a certain intercultural skill set highlighting my ability to function with a high level of ambiguity and having a high level of tolerance and flexibility to adapt to unfamiliar situations with ease.”

Consulting mentoring projects

Foto Kayla

Kayla from Texas Christian University did her internship at Alfa Espai, a consulting co-working company, working at consulting mentoring projects. She assured about her experience:

“Since coming to Barcelona, I have gained a new understanding of a completely different culture, especially through my internship experience. I had initially thought I would be able to communicate with my co-workers mostly in English while trying to improve my basic Spanish, but I was pushed out of my comfort zone on the very first day. I was asked to attend BizBarcelona, a business conference completely in Spanish.  From this experience, I have developed better communication skills and have become more flexible despite language and cultural differences. I have a new found appreciation for diversity and culture. In the future, I will be able to utilize this experience to handle difficult situations and adapt to new unfamiliar environments. “

Taking initiatives to excel in a work environment

AndersonThomasThomas from University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business worked on a finance/real state project at Team On, a finance consulting company.

“When I first got to Spain I was an outgoing individual, however I did not take initiative in my classes or at work. As soon as I started working for TeamOn, all of that changed. I started working and was immediately tasked with several things that were crucial to TeamOn´s business dealings and pitches to various clients. The projects that I have helped complete for them have required my personal input. Suddenly I was taking the initiative at almost every turn. I made several suggestions that helped improve the presentations that TeamOn was pitching to their clients. Together with my coworker, we decided what data would be most suitable to present to potential investors. There was no one looking over our shoulder or telling us how to do our job. Instead, it was entirely based on our own instincts and targeted research. Throughout this whole process I have learned how to excel in work environment. I have learned that you have to take the initiative and utilize your own instincts in order to excel in any profession, especially Finance.”


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