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We are already passed mid-semester! Summer Internship students have been very busy with their working placement, classes, cultural activities and day or weekend trips. Find here some details.

“One big world. Made smaller by one summer experience”

Foto Nels

Nels from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities at his aero business internship placement, Caravelo

Nels from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is doing his internship an ancillary aero business startup called Caravelo. He commented about his experience“My time spent in Barcelona both inside and out of the internship environment were fast paced, calling the need to be flexible and adaptable to my surroundings from the start. With 8 weeks to learn a city and company's culture, I was able to leverage my time management not only to get work done, but to focus my energy on personal growth.

Having never traveled internationally before, the world seemed dauntingly large, and full of people with wildly different temperaments and convictions. But living in a such a lively European hub has broadened my perspective that no matter where someone calls home, we are all still human, and connection with these networks of people is both accessible and attainable.

This sparked a passion inside me for connecting with people.  In a professional sense, working on a team at Caravelo that was already very global (coworkers from Spain, Scotland, Sweden, China, etc.), made me excited to continue working with people from all regions and walks of life as I begin my career back in the United States.  And making lifelong connections that span the entire globe enlightened a new perspective on business and life itself that will last a lifetime.

First Year Engineering to Scientific Software Development

Foto CassandraCassandra from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor at her internship placement in at Intelligent Pharma

Cassandra is a raising sophomore Biomedical Engineering student from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor who is interning at Intelligent Pharma, a computational chemistry and bioinformatics company, in their sales department. This is what she assured about her experience:

“The company that I am working with this summer specializes in computational chemistry and develops computer softwares, and the only background that I had related to this field was one semester of an introductory coding class. So, not only was it overwhelming to be able to follow and understand everyone discuss topics I knew almost nothing about, but I had to also try to understand it being explained in Spanish. Everyone in the company is very welcoming, and told me that if I have any ideas to feel free to share them, but I was very quiet initially, afraid of making it seem like I didn't know what I was doing. The next day I took the inititative to read as much as I could about the technology they use and the chemistry that they apply to their projects.  Between the literature and listening and observing meetings and the rest of the company at work, I was able to grasp a firmer understanding of their work and what they do. I could then more actively participate in discussions and make suggestions, such as revisions for their website. While I was gaining all of this biotech knowledge, I was also able to improve my Spanish immensely by using is daily in the office. This experience gave me much more self-motivation and pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which will help me learn new concepts fast and take risks in future employment opportunities both nationally and internationally.”

Intensive Spanish Class

Summer Internship program students took an intensive Spanish class during their first month in Barcelona. They really enjoyed the class which they found very useful for their working experience in Barcelona.

Nels from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Kayla from Texas Christian University were at Beginning Spanish class. They had to do a final project of a video with a skit about a restaurant situation. Here you can watch their project:



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