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Bilbao trip + Valldaura visit


In early March we headed over to the Basque country in the West of Spain to visit Bilbao, including the iconic architecture of the Guggenheim Museum. Desktop2

Then a few weeks back we had an exciting visit to Valldaura, the Green Campus of IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), where Jonathan Minchin gave us a tour of the facilities as well as organizing a mini 3D Scanning workshop. We finished the day at a local Catalan restaurant eating calçots, a time-honored springtime tradition involving barbecued leeks and meats.

Classes at IaaC + Midterm Presentations 


The most exciting part of this month was a combination of the trips, visits and all the activities organized by CIEE Barcelona with intensive classes at IaaC - the host Institution. The array of seminars, workshops and design studio classes are giving out tons of new knowledge every week, while in practical terms the additional sessions of rendering and structural analysis are helping a lot for the development of the studio projects. Lastly, all the trips and visits are reminding us what we’re studying for and refreshing the students’ enthusiasm and motivation. As a result, the midterm presentations were outstanding! The invited jury gave us a lot of positive feedback, as well as some constructive comments for developing the projects.

Berlin Summit


The Berlin trip was another highlight of this month. It was a great way to discover the city by sharing the experience with the students from GAD Berlin and Prague. We started the Summit with an inspiring lecture by Maria Aiolova, an educator, architect and urban designer in New York City. Next morning we had an amazing opportunity to present our Design Studio projects to the GAD teams from Prague, Berlin and an external jury,  and then to compare our own work with that of our peers from Czech and Germany.  The evening included a talk by Tobias Wallisser and Leonie Woidt Wallisser from LAVA, discussing the intersections of architecture and environmental design. 


We spent Friday and Saturday wandering around Berlin, visiting the Jewish museum by Liebeskind, the memorial by Eisenman, the East Side Gallery (the former Berlin Wall), and had a boat tour on the Spree river. These were very informative and inspiring days in Berlin, but weather-wise we were happy to come back to sunny and warm Barcelona!


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Gr8 shots :)

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