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Architecture + Design, Spring 2016, newsletter II


As weeks go by, students are discovering the variety and diversity of Spain. In contrast to what one may think before arriving in Spain, this is a very diverse country. Our students have been able to feel the differences by travelling to two very diverse geographic areas within Spain: North and South, Bilbao and San Sebastian, and Seville and Cordoba. Whereas in the North, the students could enjoy and experience the newest renovation of Bilbao around the Guggenheim Museum, which has turned the city from the old industry to a contemporary city of services, in the South, they experienced the most traditional image of Spain by visiting the historical cities of Seville and Cordoba.


Emily, from Princeton, in the Reales Alcázares in Seville. The extremely detailed geometric decoration in stucco and ceramics and the calm of the open spaces impressed the students


At the main entrance of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, students felt the deep renovations along the two banks of the river.

IMG_0307IMG_0299Richard Serra’s Time and Space is probably the most interesting installation at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The long corten steel walls create interesting spaces in which one’s perception of space and time might change.

IMG_0467Gabriella, from Kansas University, taking a picture of the beautiful light coming from a stained glass window in the Mosque of Cordoba


The combination of Muslim and Christian styles in the Mosque of Cordoba bears good witness to the mix of cultures that has always characterized Spain.



On a  different note, our students had the opportunity to meet a few local practitioners and discuss local practices of design in contemporary Barcelona. Álvaro (from Outline Studio), and Mar and Carla (from Xurris&co) were invited to a CIEE round table, where the meaning, challenges and opportunities of being a designer in Barcelona were addressed. Issues such as the relationship with the clients, the freedom to do what one really wants, or how to get new clients were some of the main points of the round table.The local designers also presented their projects and explained their creative processes, all in all creating a very stimulating atmosphere for our students.


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