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Architecture and Design, Newsletter Issue II, Fall 2014

NEWSWe, They, Citizens

This semester’s students are getting really involved in the design scene of Barcelona. As a group, they have been visiting some very interesting local design studios. One of those is LoSiento. Their work is based on handmade or 3D design projects, a characteristic that large accounts for their success. At LoSiento,  Pablo Salas hosted us, explained their approach to design and went into what the everyday life of a small design studio in Barcelona is like.


Another studio that students have visited through CIEE is Curro Claret’s. There, students have discussed issues of social responsibility in the area of design. Curro Claret has been working with lower social classes and homeless people, and his goal is to improve their lives through good design. In the picture you can see some chairs that are part of his project: with a single triangular piece made of recycled materials, different pieces of furniture can be created (chairs, beds, tables, etc.).

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But studying abroad not only means progress towards professional goals: it is also an opportunity to give back to the community in different ways. Joseph, from Tulane University, was determined to do this:

“I celebrated my first ‪Thanksgiving holiday away from my family; and I didn't really have a meal to serve as substitute. But it's ok because I had the opportunity, thanks to ‪CIEE, to volunteer at a local food drive. It was an organization that collected food at supermarkets throughout the city and donated to people in poorer areas. I was impacted by the willingness of my fellow volunteers to engage and the amount of generosity I witnessed from strangers during the food drive. While there, we filled 1 & 1/2 of giant sized boxes - and they did this across the entire city for two whole days. So if your encouraged in anything, it's to not let your fears or excuses from‪ ‎volunteering, ‪serving, and getting involved! God has given us such value and we ALL can be used!"


Yes, study abroad is a give-and-take. Both -  students and the city-  can grow and improve, together. 


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