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Global Architecture and Design, Newsletter Issue I, Fall 2014


With the semester well underway, Barcelona Global AD students are working hard on their projects. Just about two weeks ago a Global AD Summit took place in Berlin, and students in all three CIEE Global AD programs (Barcelona, Berlin and Prague) were able to share their projects, participate in a symposium, and of course visit the German capital.

Spanish inventosBesides their architecture and design courses, all Global AD students take one elective class, and most of them have selected a Spanish course this semester. CIEE Spanish classes are designed in such a way that students learn by using the city as part of the class as much as possible. For instance, the Intermediate section went to the Museum of Inventions, where Harris (from Carnegie Mellon University) explained - in Spanish, of course!- an invention of his, that was the most voted by his classmates. On a different occasion, all students in the Intermediate Spanish class went to a food market - Mercat de la ConcepciĆ³- where they learnt how to buy groceries in Spanish.


However, as we all know, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for becoming part of the host society and CIEE is proud to facilitate to all students opportunities such as volunteering. Rachel, from Howard University, has not wasted her time: she wants to contribute actively and positively to the city in which she is living, and soon after she arrived in Barcelona Rachel started volunteering at ASSIS, a local shelter that feeds the homeless and organizes activities for them. Every Tuesday after class, Rachel gives a lot back to the society that has welcomed her with open arms this semester. If you want to read more details of her experience, click here.

ASSIS voluntariado ALA y GAD (1)

In these and other contexts, Global AD students are able to not just increase their architectural and linguistic skills, but also to grow as persons.


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