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Global Architecture & Design Newsletter, Spring 2014, Issue I

(1) Alternative, nontraditional form of learning & teaching

The 5 teams at Global AD BCN Design Studio just began building a first set of water property based prototypes. The lab involves working with new digital tools, CNC machines and data design scenarios. The students work week by week to build a shared dynamic and flexible syllabus, each week registering the current studio production and setting out the agreed tasks for the following week. This is how we are proceeding through a sequence of practices, attempts, trials and prototypes while discovering the architecture of future cities.001_fablab showcase

FabLab showcase from Global AD Studio
002_drilling besos river
Drilling Besos River. First prototypes.
003_Syllabus under construction
Syllabus under construction. Interactive presentation.

(2) Contemporary Architecture in Bilbao and San Sebastian

In the first weekend trip for the Global AD program, students visited Bilbao and San Sebastian, where some of the most interesting examples of the contemporary architecture in Spain are. Bodie, a student from the University of Colorado Boulder, explained how Bilbao "was like an architecture playground" and that "every turn, every street, had something new and intriguing paired with the traditional architecture of the city." Even though he thinks that the whole city of Bilbao is an amazing architectural spot, after our guided visits to Palacio Euskalduna and the Guggenheim, Bodie explained his thoughts about the inner and outer structures of these buildings.

"The Palacio Euskalduna was an intriguing place; stairs, ramps, paths, elevators all over the place, leading the user through the layers of the building. Each space was not only one, but could morph larger or smaller to accommodate any event. Not only was the program well thought out, but the materials spoke too."

And, surely, the Guggenheim Museum was one of the most exciting visits. For Bodie, the most significant was the "beautiful tin and stone panels form geometric shapes that curve and sway over the river. The exterior calls so much attention that is so well complimented and just as complex on the interior," where one of the highlights was the permanent exhibition of the walls by Richard Serra, that fits perfectly with the building.

Palacio Euskalduna, photo by Bodie

  006_Ernesto Neto hanging space

Ernesto Neto work’s are hanging in the Guggenheim main lobby space.

007_serra materiality

Models and sculptures of Richard Serra. Close to the art process.



Guggenheim Museum, picture by Bodie

 (3) Le Corbusier Exhibition in Barcelona

 The master architect of Modern Style is an infinite source of architectural knowledge. From January 30th to May 11th 2014 there is a wonderful exhibition of his work happening in Barcelona. The exposition is designed by MOMA and produced by Caixaforum and is a good opportunity to discover the personal universe of Le Corbusier, the artist and the architect.

012_Le Corbusier in Caixaforum
Opening party of the Le Cobusier exhibition in Barcelona.


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