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Liberal Arts, Fall 2013, Issue III


It has been a wonderful semester!  We are very proud of this outstanding group of students who have been very engaged in their academic, cultural and learning experience while in Barcelona. Thanks for a great semester and we hope they keep practicing their Spanish!!!

Museo Chocolate LA 007

These are some of the last activities students did:

Hiking and Calçotada

The best evaluated daytrip among students is the hike and calçotada. LA students went to the hills of Barcelona where they hiked for 1.5 hours and then were compensated with a traditional Catalan meal: the calçotada. Students learned the skill of dipping the calçot (a kind of leek) in romesco sauce and then ate it with their hands.  They really enjoyed the day and this gastronomic adventure.



Chocolate Museum

Quijotes students attended a chocolate workshop at the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona. We had a great time and students enjoyed making different products like chocolate bars, lollipops, or bonbons using various techniques. Students showed their creativity and made funny and some extravangant shapes.

Museo Chocolate LA 065
Museo Chocolate LA 067

Re-entry Workshop

LA students participated in the Re-entry Workshop, a session dedicated to reflect on their experience studying abroad in Barcelona, to understand the re-entry process and challenges, to learn strategies for adjustment and ways to stay globally engaged and to incorporate their experience into their daily lives. One of the activities consisted in sharing their best memory of the semester forming a web between them symbolizing their interconnection. Some of the best memories of our students were related to their experience with their host family; their volunteering; or their travelling.


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