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Business & Culture, Fall 2013, Issue II


Halloween for some, Castanyada and Panellets for others!

While most American college students in the US were preparing their Halloween costumes, our students here in Barcelona were enjoying the local tradition of the Castanyada.  One of the traditions of 1st November in Barcelona - on the All Saints Day public holiday - is called "La Castanyada" which means it’s time to eat "castanyas" (roasted chestnuts) and “panellets” (small cakes/cookies).  Some say that the tradition of eating these foods comes from the story that throughout the night of All Saints' (October 31st, the night before All Souls' Day in the Christian tradition), bell ringers would ring bells in commemoration of the dead into the early morning. Friends and relatives would help with this task, and everyone would eat these foods to stay awake during the night.  Others say the idea is to eat something warm as the weather turns cold, but often when the first chestnut stalls appear on the streets of Barcelona in October, many people on the street are still in T-shirts, as they were this year as well!

IMG_2131Revathi (Georgetown), Bria (Elon University), Claire (Johns Hopkins University) and Sindhu (Georgetown) enjoy CIEE centers own roasted chestnuts prepared by the CIEE staff before heading to their midterm exams. 

To continue the All Saints celebrations, we held our second Catalan cooking course in the center and students gathered to learn how to bake panellets.  Students got their “hands dirty” and baked their first panellets and stayed after to enjoy.  Jeffery (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Daria (Georgetown) and Claire (Johns Hopkins University) join the group in the sun on the CIEE student terrace during the cooking course.


Student gets behind the scenes on CIEE day trip to Girona

When Sam, one of our BC students majoring in Hospitality at the University of Denver, found out we were heading to Girona on one of our day trips, he knew he had to get into see the famous El Celler de Can Roca, now ranked as the best restaurant in the world.  The large ‘R’ in the logo of the restaurant not only represents the family name (Roca), but each “leg” on the R represents one of the three Roca brothers, who each bring their expertise to the table. the other students explored the city during their free time, Sam, with Google maps leading the way and no previous appointment, was able to get a personalized behind the scenes tour of Can Roca’s kitchen!  Please take a look at Sam’s incredible pictures and inside story here.

A group shot at the Dalí museum where we spent the morning before going to Girona for lunch, a city tour and free time.

World Press Photo Exhibition Comes to Barcelona, as does the CIEE FALL13 Photo Contest!

For the eighth year running, the Photographic Social Vision has organized the international World Press Photo exhibition at the CCCB Museum (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona).  It’s a traveling exhibition of prize-winning entries assembled by World Press Photo, organizers of the world’s largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. The exhibition consists of 156 winning photographs, including a Catalan photographer, Samuel Aranda, the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2011, with a photo taken during conflicts in Yemen.

They may not be to the same caliber as the photos at the World Press Exhibition, but our Fall 13 students have entered their own photographic skills in our photo contest.  There are some incredible photos by Business & Culture students. Please take a look and vote by liking your favorite photos!

Artistic - sunset from metrosol parasol - christianne kinder

By Christinne, Babson College

My Experience_Lively streets of Barcelona-Taro

By Taro, George Washington University

Host family ties- The Family Uniform - Alex and aaron

The Host Family Uniform, by Alex, Babson College.

More here!


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