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Newsletter Summer 2013 Programs, Issue II

Summer Language & Culture

Students enrolled in the seven weeks LC program enjoyed an extraordinary opportunity to discovering Barcelona and Spanish culture through Arts and Architecture. They explored the foundations of Romanesque and Gothic Art the MNAC (Nacional Museum of Catalan Art). At the Picasso Museum they analyzed the relationship between the famous painter and the city, while understanding his artistic journey from Realism to Cubism. Visiting La Pedrera, students were able to appreciate main feature of Modernista architecture through Gaudí’s personal style and inspiration. Finally, working in small groups throughout the entire program, students have analyzed the transformation of Barcelona in the 21st century, identifying new skylines, symbolic building and artistic expressions, such as graffiti and urban art forms.

Intercambio summer 2013 demasie (20)At a language exchange with local students.

Through intensive Spanish classes, the students have greatly improved their language skills, engaging in creative and diverse activities, such as sharing a recipe with their host-family, understanding local gastronomy and its social meaning by visiting markets, reading newspapers with different focuses or interviewing local people. The Intercambios (language exchange nights) also provided an opportunity to practice Spanish and meet local students.

Students also participated in talks with guest speakers on Spanish Politics and the relationship between Barcelona and its world famous soccer club, Barça: more than a club. As Barcelona: more than a city, through language and culture.

Transborder Aire (10) copia Students got a birds-eye view of the Barcelona skyline from the staggering heights of the Transborador Aeri

Architecture & Design

The summer Architecture Foundations program, in which students are designing an archi-tourism information pavilion in the old port, recently visited the architectural office of Frediani Arquitectura situated in the famous Casa Planelles, by Josep Maria Jujol. Architect Arturo Frediani not only gave us a lecture on his work, but also provided us with a tour of the house, providing anecdotes such as the surprise visit to his office one day by actor John Malkovich, who was fascinated by Casa Planelles as he passed by it. The CIEE studio was visited this summer by two former CIEE AD students, who provided critical advice to the students in a mid-term review of their work. Students explored techniques of model-making, drawing, and in situ sketching during excursions to buildings such as the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion or the Pavilion of the Second Spanish Republic by J.L. Sert.

AD PavillionArchitecture students touring the German Pavillion

AD Summer 2013 mercat santa caterina
Architecture students at the Santa Caterina market.

Summer Contemporary European Culture (Prague - Barcelona)

Students in the Summer Contemporary European Culture multisite program arrived in Barcelona after their Prague experience. They took their second class here: Urban Culture in Contemporary Barcelona as a continuation of their academic program. This course is a glance to the Barcelona’s “non official” culture. Beyond the well known sites, museums, buildings, and icons of the culture and art of the city, there is another Barcelona. Other cultures and arts have grown in the last decades and given a new reputation to the city. In this course students reviewed some of these cultures such as graffiti, comic, sports, literature and cooking. The comparison with other cultural activities let them understand the differences, and also the similarities between de most known culture of Barcelona and these new movements.

IMGP0277 (2) Harrisonsquat (2) IMGP0264

Urban Culture in Contemporary Barcelona class explores the city streets

Summer Language and Culture Modular Program

Students in the 3.5 weeks of the Summer Language and Culture Modular Program enjoyed their class, excursions, cultural activities and a weekend trip. The second overnight trip of the program took the students from all 4 programs to Valencia were they had a guided tour of the old town, sailed through the wetlands of La Albufera and enjoyed traditional paella valenciana. They also visited the City of Arts and Sciences, a cultural complex with impressive architecture designed by Santiago Calatrava, which includes an Aquarium, a Science Museum, 3D Theatre and a Opera House.

Valencia Summer 2013 (87) At Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia Summer 2013 (42)

Cruising the Albufuera a natural reserve and the birthplace of paella!

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TheWallsHaveEyes - artistic - Alex Scheetz

Alex, from Princeton, submitted this photo to our photo contest.


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