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Economics & Culture, Spring 2013, Issue III


“Jamming with My Family”

  Photo (4)Athena, George Washington University student, submitted this picture to CIEE Barcelona's Photo Contest that is held every semester. She aptly titled it “Jamming with my Family” and the picture won for the category “Host Family Ties.”  Athena mentioned that she felt very blessed to have had such a great “match” with her host family.  In her housing questionnaire she stated that she played the piano and would love to be with a family who was also “musically inclined”.  To her pleasant surprise, everyone in her Spanish family plays an instrument and they frequently practiced together.  “I am at a beginner´s level with my Spanish and often at times I found it difficult to communicate with my host mother and sisters.  However when we played together, there was definite mutual understanding about what we wanted to convey” explained Athena.

You can see more photos from this semester's photo contest here on our facebook page! Don't forget to "like" us to keep on top of events and activities at the study center.

EC Farewell Luncheon

EC students celebrated their departure with a good-bye luncheon with fellow CIEE students from other study programs (Architecture and Design; Liberal Arts; and Language and Culture) as well as their professors, “guardian angels” and other staff members.  During the meal, many stories were shared, such as when the students had all their first met during the Orientation, about how their homestay/residence experiences had developed over the semester, as well as the many memories that they shared during their weekend trip with CIEE or when they had ventured out on their own.  The “guardian angels” made note of how many students had improved on their language skills and how some seemed like a native “barcelonian”. 

It was wonderful to note how many of the students had already made plans to keep in touch, not only back at their own home school starting in the Fall, but already for this summer.  For example, there were three student who planned on meeting up in San Francisco, one on lives near there, and the other two, both students from George Washington University, who will be there doing an internship.  

 Farewell Luncheon


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