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Architecture & Design, Spring 2013, Issue III



IMG_20130413_131828The end of Spring term is already here and the students are finishing their projects for the semester. The students who took a class in the ESARQ host university had the final presentations of their projects for “Composition IV”. In pairs, they were asked to analyze a recently constructed building in Barcelona and sumarize it into the one main characteristic that defines the entire building. The students worked with sites like the Forum, the reform of Picornell Swimming Pool and the City of Justice by Chipperfield as the basis for their projects.

The students presented their completed projects and a 20x30 cm model and accompanying panel to explain their work to the jury, other students and the general public (it was an open house day at ESARQ). The jury gave feedback and graded the students on the quality of their presentation and their ability to identify and synthesize their project around a central theme.


IMG_20130409_195021The AAAB (Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura de Barcelona) and CIEE joined forces to organize a conference contrasting two of the most well know urban planning models of recent years: Barcelona and Vancouver. Rafael Gómez-Moriana, one of our Architecture Studio professors, moderated the discussion. The guest speakers were Dr. Trevor Boddy, from Vancouver, who explained his personal perspective on “Vancouverism” and “hybrid cities” and Dr. Francesc Muñoz from the UAB (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona), who explained the most recent developments in urban planning in Barcelona and recent themes of "urbanization."

The students attending the conference were able to learn more about how these cities have grown and how a city can incorporate its personal image, brand and values into its structure. The guest speakers explained the complexity and variety of factors that come into the expansion and reconstruction of a contemporary city. It was great to have experts able to explain these themes using their first hand experience in cities so historically and geographically diverse!



64820_10200388945059667_89384883_n (2)
Students have made an effort to get out of the "American Bubble" to meet locals and get involved in the daily life of the city. Abby, from Kenyon College, recently told us how she befrended Zalma, a student from Barcelona that goes to Elisava (one of our host institutions). Abby had joined an international student orientation at Elisava where she was introduced to some local students.

During her time in Barcelona, Abby, Zalma and their group of friends from Elisava have been getting together often to “make dinner together using recipes from our different homes.” Zalma invited them to her house for a Spanish night and they all made food together there together.

Now that it is almost time to leave, Abby and Zalma know for sure that they will keep in touch over the internet, using the social networks but that, unfortunately, they will have to wait awhile before they will be able to cook together again.


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