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10 posts from February 2017


Living with your local flatmate, by Cristina Bernal

Happy dinners by Cristina Bernal (local Flatmate Sp’17)

Either is a pizza or a salad these girls enjoy each other company while having fun! Have you ever tried a Nutella and Oreo pizza? They already have taste it and it’s worth it!

Fotos entrada 6

Living with your local flatmate, by Jordina Casals

Cooking chefs by Jordina Casals (local Flatmate Sp’17)

Jordina Casals and the two students living with her decided to become chefs and cooked delicious Brownies and another day they had the typical Mexican meal: fajitas. As you can see the result looks delicious! They had a lot of fun cooking together.  Not only they are a really good cooks, moreover they have become really good friends as they share together special dates as birthdays and lovely nights having dinner and talking about their experiences and new life in Barcelona. 

Fotos entrada 5

Living with your local flatmate, by Gemma Charro

Sagrada Familia by Gemma Charro (local Flatmate Sp’17)

Gemma, local flatmate, and two of her roommates went out this month to discover Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia. They discovered the temple’s beauty and saw the monument from a handful of different points of view, as you can see in the pictures! All of them enjoyed, La Sagrada Familia, a stunning and still uncompleted Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. After the visit they deserved a tapas night out!

Fotos entrada 4


Economics + Culture, Spring 2017, Newsletter II



Economic + Culture students have been busy with classes, daily routines and weekend trips, but they have also had time to take care of their body and mind. Some participated in a CIEE-organized yoga class at a local gym, which was fun and healthy. Namaste!



Students also wanted to move their body so they went to a Zumba class.


Eating Tapas means eat little portions of too many things and taste small delicious dishes with some drinks. Going out for "tapas" with old and new friends is quite the custom in Spain and EC students make the most of it.


Business + Culture, Spring 2017, Newsletter II



One of the most popular culture classes for the Business + Culture students is the art history class “Catalonia and Spain through the Arts”. By combining lectures, discussions and class activities with field trips, students are able to gain a better understanding of the history of art in Barcelona and Spain and also, to apply this knowledge when travelling in Europe. In one of the sessions, students visited one of the many hidden jewels in Barcelona: the Monastery of Sant Pau del Camp, a Romanesque construction in the city center which dates back to the 9th century AD. Besides the visit to the church and the tiny, cozy cloister, which was often visited by Picasso when he was living in Barcelona, the students were lucky enough to enjoy the magnificent acoustics of the old structure. Jordi-Xavier, the coordinator at the monastery, put on a performance by singing Gregorian chant to illustrate the reverberation and projection of sound in the ancient temple. As if transported back in time, the students were immersed in the perfect atmosphere to better understand the Romanesque art. Check it out in this video:


It has been almost two months since Business + Culture students arrived in Barcelona! They have been very busy with their classes, getting to know the city and participating in a lot of cultural events such cooking classes, gym classes, day trips and intercambios (language exchange events).

Nicholas (University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business) and Rose Ann (Cornell University) attended an intercambio for their Spanish class with all their classmates along with other Spanish students and Guardian Angels. They had the chance to practice their oral Spanish skills and make new friends. These events are held several times each semester, and they are a great opportunity to meet locals.



Advanced Liberal Arts, Spring 2017, Newsletter i



New classes

Three weeks ago, the students from the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program at the Universitat de Barcelona arrived in their new city with a vague idea as to which courses they wanted to take during their study abroad in Barcelona. Two weeks before their arrival, they received an email from us with the “Guía de asignaturas” (a course listing) that has over 300 available courses in the various departments of the UB such as Biology, Mathematics, International Relations, History, Spanish Language and Literature, and Psychology, just to name a few. Together with this guide, they also received all the syllabi of these courses. The idea was that the students would be able to discuss which courses were the most compliant with the requirements of their Majors and Minors from their home schools with their study abroad and academic advisors. Once in Barcelona, during the orientation period before the start of the courses, the students went through personal advising sessions with the Resident Director to discuss the appropriateness, or not, of their pre-selections. The purpose of this process is two-fold: on the one hand, for CIEE it assures us that the total number of credits that our students will receive will be validated by their home universities and that, at the end of the term, it will be another piece in this grand puzzle of necessary courses to complete the students’ academic requirements at home; and on the other hand, we also want assurance that this academic selection will be the most appropriate, not only from a purely academic interest but also so that it will fulfill the students’ personal expectations when they experience the Spanish university system, which is so different from the one that they are accustomed to.

The students from spring term can count on an exceptional advantage: the all-year program peers that have already lived these first days at the University of Barcelona back in September. It was for this reason that Josie from Barnard College and Nina from the University of Tulsa not only participated in the academic orientation session, but they also attended many of the activities organized by CIEE during the new students’ first days in Barcelona. Their voices, advice and recommendations were the best way to comfort our incoming students who felt, logically, a little bit scared before the start of this new academic and personal adventure.

IMG-20170129-WA0020Nina wanted to share her memories with us of that last September, in the fall term, when everything was so new for her.

Nina, University of Tulsa.

My name is Nina and I am in my second semester of the ALA program at CIEE. Although the past four months had their challenges, they ended up being truly rewarding and educational for me. Throughout the semester, classes at CIEE were engaging and manageable; the UB classes, however, did not always feel this way. When I and the other American students arrived in our UB class the first day, we noticed a few things that were very different from the way they were our American universities. We realized that it is not uncommon for a Spanish professor to be fifteen minutes late to class, or that we would be given no assignments, and most importantly that reading schedules would not be laid out for us. These differences, along with the language barrier, made our UB classes seem a little overwhelming in the beginning. Thankfully we had the help of a local UB graduate and one of our professors giving us study sessions for our midterms and finals. After the midterm, we had a better idea of what to expect and how we needed to manage our time. By the end of the semester, I saw the language barrier disappear almost completely and my reading comprehension greatly increase. My advice to incoming students would be to go to class, do a little reading every day, and just have patience with yourself because you will see improvements.IMG-20170129-WA0014IMG_3178


Liberal Arts, Spring 2017, Newsletter I


It has been almost a month since Liberal Arts students arrived to Barcelona! In this first issue we want to talk about the different housing options students have while in Barcelona: homestay, shared apartment or residence hall.

Here there are student´s opinions about it:

Homestay: “I really wanted the full cultural experience”

Nopell from Fordham University

Shared apartment. “I love living with a Spanish flatmate”

Taylor from Vanderbilt University

Residence Hall. “It’s neat to meet Spanish students and to get closer to some of the American students”

Haley from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Economics + Culture, Spring 2017, Newsletter I

6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d10b2fe0970c-800wiSAFETY FIRST

It has been more than 3 weeks now since the Economic and Culture students arrived in Barcelona. They have been busy getting to know the city, the subway system, their new classes…During orientation week, students had the opportunity to attend a safety talk held by Barcelona´s local police.EC1


During the first weeks while classes were just getting started, students already felt at home. Eliza (Colgate University) was happy to start running around the city just like locals like to do.


Students stay with host families, in residences or in shared apartments.  They live with other CIEE students, and soon after arriving, they have already made good friends. These are lifetime friendships!



A group of EC students went to Morocco for the weekend. They stayed in a typical Moroccan house and even went on a camel ride. It was so much fun!



Business + Culture, Spring 2017, Newsletter i


The semester had only just begun and Business and Culture students already enjoyed one of the most famous Catalan traditions. The CALÇOTADA is a popular feast (first held in 1896) made with calçots, a type of onion that is produced only in Cataluña. Calçots are usually eaten in January, February and March, roasted over a wood fire and accompanied by a special romesco  sauce.  Traditionally customers need to wear a bib to eat them.

BC students followed the tradition, when in Rome,…do as the Romans do!





A group of BC students went on a trip to Seville (in Andalucía) with CIEE staff members.  Their Resident Director, Sandra Rodríguez, accompanied them. Sandra is a native from Seville and the perfect companion to travel with. They visited a cattle farm where a professional bullfighter showed them how to make a pass. Bullfighting was originally done on horseback and was a sport reserved for the aristocracy. Spain´s first bullfighting figures are well known in Andalucía. 

Caroline (University of Madison-Wisconsin) had the opportunity to practice the art of bullfighting and she was actually quite good at it.


This semester we started working with the University of Vic in Barcelona. Vic is the capital of the comarca of Osona, in the Barcelona province. It is located 69km from Barcelona and is home to one of the best private universities in Barcelona.

For the first time, a group of Business and Culture students are taking classes from the “Business, Design and Innovation” program, offered by UVic at their Barcelona campus (a short metro ride from the CIEE Study Center). The program, taught in English, is meant for international students. They love the international environment of the program in the trendy neighborhood of Poblenou!

language + culture, spring 2017, newsletter i


It has been almost a month since Language and Culture Arts students arrived to Barcelona! They have been very busy with their classes, getting to know the city and participating in a lot of cultural events such cooking classes, gym classes, day trips, or the intercambio (language exchange event).

These are some of the must-do while studying in Barcelona:

Start cooking Mediterranean Food

Paella, Spanish omelet, pan con tomate, vegetables with romesco sauce,  and crema catalana (the local version of crème brulee) are the dishes students learned how to cook at their Cook and Taste workshop. The class also emphasizes on learning about the Mediterranean diet, local fresh food, and how to cook it. Students had a great time and learned how to master a complete Spanish meal.

Cook and taste 1
Foto cook and taste 1

Stay healthy

Zumba, yoga, running, biking are some of the activities that we organized for students to get them to exercise and stay healthy while studying abroad.  Students enjoyed participating in these activities; they met local people and stay healthy.

Foto gym 1

Foto gym 2 


Practice the language

Language and Culture students are taking Spanish classes at the local institution Pompeu Fabra. They are in the following Spanish  levels: beginning, pre-intermediate and intermediate They participated in the first Language Exchange Event organized by CIEE where they met Spanish students to practice Spanish/English language conversation, which helps them to improve their oral skills.

Intercambio 1