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3 posts from December 2016


Global Architecture + Design, Fall 2016, Newsletter II


Barcelona, Berlin and Prague Global AD students get together!


A few weeks ago, an amazing event took place: students from the Global Architecture and Design programs in Barcelona, Berlin and Prague got together in Barcelona. Accompanied by all three program’s Academic Coordinators, students shared three days full of academic activities, visits to some of the city’s highlights … and of course a lot of fun!!


We kicked it off with  the students projects’ progress reviews at the IaaC, our host institution here in Barcelona. This was a great opportunity for all the students to see what their peers are working on. They discussed their work and received constructive criticism by the CIEE Global AD Academic Coordinators and by IaaC faculty in attendance. Right after, they all headed towards a restaurant in the city center, where they had a chance to enjoy a typical Spanish meal.

IMG_3479 IMG_3490

On the second day, a visit to Valldaura was organized. Valldaura is an estate in the middle of the Collserola mountains, just outside of Barcelona. It belongs to the IaaC, and it hosts a fabrication laboratory, an energy lab, a food lab and a bio lab. Students could experience Valldaura’s working flow directly, by fabricating digitally fabricated structures for Valldaura plantings.

On the last day of the trip, students had time to enjoy the architectural wonders that have made Barcelona famous as a capital of architecture and design. One of the CIEE Barcelona art history faculty lead a Gaudi tour which included visits to the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera. What a great weekend everyone had!!

Economics + Culture, Fall 2016, Newsletter II


We are already past mid-semester! Economics and Culture students have been very busy and stressed with classes, midterms, cultural activities, meeting locals or volunteering. Find more details below.

This semester students have travelled more than ever to different European cities every weekend.

Jerry from Duke University and Stephan from Colby College share their apartment with Alex, their Spanish flat-mate. Native roommates provide a great opportunity for our students to get more immersed in the culture, practice their Spanish and of course, live with a local.

Alex has gotten along so well with Jerry and Stephan that they have become really good friends and have travelled to the Basque Country to visit Alex´s family and friends. They even went to the World Surf League Event in Hossegor where they surfed for the first time in their lives.


Making American Bullfighters

For this semester´s excursion, EC students had the best experience ever visiting the cattle farm La Dehesa, where they learned more about how to run a cattle farm of bullfighting bulls. They also got to learn the art of “toreo” as you can see in this short video.


Business + Culture, Fall 2016, Newsletter II


We are already past mid-semester!!! Business and Culture students have been busy with classes, cultural activities, meeting locals, volunteering and travelling all around Europe.

Read on for more details.


¡¡¡¡¡Best experiential excursions ever!!!!!!!

This semester BC excursions have been modified to better fulfill the economic facet of the program, immersing the students in cultural activities related to both business and economics. They visited one of the oldest potteries in Seville where they learned a bit more about the profession – a centuries-long tradition in Seville, which has an entire area of the city dedicated to it. The students loved it as they got to make their own tile pieces to bring back home as a souvenir.

The Shared Apartment Experience

Students staying in shared apartments have given great feedback on their experiences living with local students. They’ve gotten to learn more about the culture through their local flat-mate who not only helps them but also provides a younger perspective of the Catalan way of life.

Elliot from Elon University and Brandon and Jack from Providence College share their apartment with Javier, a local student. Their flat is like a family house and they are having the best experience ever sharing with him.

In the picture below you can see them at one of their multiple get-togethers at the house eating paella, canelones, tortilla de patatas, arroz con leche and pà amb tomàquet, as well as some typical Spanish products like chorizo and queso manchego.