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4 posts from October 2016





We started another semester of GAD Program with a great group of 9 students! After the Orientation days, they all were very enthusiastic to begin their classes at CIEE and at the program’s host institution, the IaaC.

The academic program started at the IaaC with a Fabrication workshop taught by  Rodrigo Aguirre, as well as a Digital Tools workshop with Aldo Sollazzo and Efilena Baseta. For a few intensive days, students did some form-finding experiments, and they also made their first steps with parametric architecture using Rhinoceros3d and plug-in Grasshopper.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-30 at 15.41.18

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-30 at 15.39.21

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-30 at 15.39.18 (1)During the second week of the program, Maria Aiolova ( co-founder of Terreform ONE and former Academic Director of the CIEE Global AD program) gave an online lecture for the students, who extremely enjoyed this great opportunity.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-30 at 15.39.24Students soon started working on their Design Studio projects too. Together with IaaC faculty, they went on on site visits to the Besós River area, the site where of their studio projects. They also visited some relevant and inspirational projects, such as the MediaTIC building (with  Mila Moscalenko) and the Superilla Project. 


The first month of the program ended with short progress reviews of  the studio projects, with instructors Maite Bravo and Maria Kuptsova. There was a large amount of  brainstorming and planning the project's future development!



Barcelona… ¡Madrid!

The Fall 16 semester started a few weeks ago, and students are already settled and well adjusted to life in Barcelona. We are not wasting time, and on the third week of the program, Architecture and Design and Global Architecture and Design students went on a joint academic trip to the capital of Spain: Madrid. During the weekend, students enjoyed the wonders of the capital of Spain and they also checked firsthand some of the differences between Barcelona and Madrid. They now understand better the (friendly) rivalry that exists between the two most important cities in Spain!

Natalie, from the Univesity of Virginia, has explained to us her impressions about Madrid. Check it out in this video:  

We also want to share with you some pictures of our students during some of the visits that we organized for them, from the two most important art museums in the city (Museo del Prado and Centro Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia) to some off the beaten path visits, such as communal gardens, El Matadero Cultural Center or the Madrid Rio, one of the newest additions to the city.


Natalie and Melanie, from University of Virginia, during the walking tour in the center of Madrid.


Views at Plaza Mayor


Mark, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo at Perrault's bridge in Madrid Rio


Visit to "Esta es una plaza", a communcal garden in the neighborhood of Lavapiés


6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d10b2fe0970c-800wiBienvenidos, Welcome to Barcelona!

Language and Culture Program students have already been in Barcelona for almost a month and they have already done a lot of activities! We held orientation; they participated in tours and excursions; attended the host institution Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Welcome session; took their Spanish placement test, and started their UPF and CIEE classes. Here there are some details: Foto Portada

Welcome to Pompeu Fabra University

Language and Culture students attended the host institution Pompeu Fabra University Welcome session. They had an introduction to the university; learned about academics, cultural activities and student’s resources; and they took their Spanish placement test. Students had a tour of the university to get familiarized with the campus. Students also enjoyed a welcome lunch with CIEE and their Spanish Guardian Angels. LC2

Cádiz as a new destination in the weekend trip

LC students had the opportunity to visit the new destination of Cádiz, a southern and coastal town in the Andalucia region during their weekend trip to the south of Spain. There, we toured the historical downtown of the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe.  The city also has an historical meaning because the first Spanish Constitution was signed there in 1812. Students learned about the history and also enjoyed the nice beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  We also visited Sevilla where we saw the Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter and the Royal Palaces of Alcázares. 


Rock the Vote Spain LC

Rock the Vote Spain is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to build political power for young people. They came to our Study Center to make easier for students to register to vote from Barcelona and to obtain their absentee ballot. Once completed and signed it will be addressed to student’s local election official in their home town. Rock the Vote will then put their applications into a diplomatic pouch for free delivery to the official office responsible for sending them the absentee ballot.  Students filled out the form and were pleased to be able to vote from overseas.



It has been almost a month since Liberal Arts students arrived to Barcelona! They have been very busy with their intensive Spanish language class, getting to know the city and participating in a lot of cultural events such as guided city tours; day trips, an intercambio (language exchange event) or playing soccer with locals.

Here there are some details:

When class takes you to the groceries!

Liberal students took a 3 week intensive Spanish class in which they refreshed their Spanish, got ready to their Spanish academic experience at the local institution, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and started to use their Spanish.  Two of the out of class activities consisted in going to a local market to buy food and eat it later in the classroom; and do a scavenger hunt around a traditional neighborhood asking questions to the locals. Students enjoyed the opportunity to practice the language in a useful context. LA

Local budies for local integration

Our Guardian Angels (GA’s) are Spanish students that help our students to get familiarize with the city, to manage practical matters the first weeks, and to get integrated better in the Spanish culture. LA students already enjoyed a Tapas Night, a walking tour and a beach volleyball afternoon with their GA’s. LA1

Language Exchange Event

Students participated in the first Language Exchange Event organized by CIEE where they met Spanish students and they practice Spanish/English language conversation. Our students had to interview the Spanish students as an assignment for their intensive Spanish class Advanced Grammar, Composition and Conversation. LA2