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3 posts from September 2016




All of the Economics + Culture students arrived a couple of weeks ago and were all deeply immersed in the new culture from the very beginning. They met our Guardian Angels and became inseparable from them. As we can see here, Ieva, from Occidental College, and Guardian Angel, Farners, are preparing one of the typical Spanish dishes, la tortilla.


Trips outside Barcelona

Students also took advantage of the different day trips and excursions we offer, and they saw firsthand some of the things they’ll be learning in the classroom—as they did on the day trip to Besalú during their first weekend in Barcelona.


They enjoyed some of the last few sunny days at the beach before winter arrives, with their new local friends and Guardian Angels. All the students from each of the different CIEE programs here in Barcelona got to meet and share their first impressions of the city.Copia de IMG_0712Beach with Guardian Angels



All of the Business + Culture students arrived a couple of weeks ago and went into a very informative orientation in which they learned everything they needed to know in order to immerse themselves deep inside the city, the culture, and to get acclimated to and learn their way around the city.

IMG_0219Orientation Session

What's new

We have some new additions from our great team of professors: Strategic Management with Jesús Abellan, Marcel Vergel, implementing an additional course to the fall curriculum, offers Strategic Issues of International Manufacturing, and last but not least, Uriel Bertran, who takes care of the second session of a course that has become very famous among students this semester, leads Spanish Economy in the European Union.

Barcelona´s Big Day

Students had the wonderful opportunity to see and experience the biggest day in Barcelona, La Mercé. They enjoyed concerts, experienced the “correfoc”, and of course, watched Castellers perform, one of the most emblematic symbols of the city.


They also started to learn more about the new world of Mediterranean/Catalan cuisine, thanks to their Cook and Taste classes.


Cook and Taste

UPF/ESCI welcomes Business + Culture Students

Students attended the UPF/ESCI welcome meeting where they got their final schedules and had a chance to get to explore the university.  They also met Jordi Puig, the Head of Studies at ESCI. 




First weeks


These are the first days in a new city, of a new country, and a new continent. These are the first days using the Spanish language at all times, which in reality isn’t that new to the students, but becomes something quite different from the Spanish that they have learned within the classrooms of their universities. These are the first days in a new university, the University of Barcelona (UB), with new classmates, new professors, new classes, and above all, new ways of learning.

Those that think this is easy are quite wrong. The first days in any study abroad experience is a necessary mix of emotions, worry, nerves, frustration, happiness and incalculable curiosity.  All that is new becomes a challenge, a discovery, but it also becomes an accumulation of small surprises (happy at times; strange and uncomfortable in many other occasions) that will determine the rest of the stay in this new destination.

In CIEE, we know quite well that these first days are crucial in the global experience of our students. That is why we are especially careful in the organization of the first week of orientation and in the planning of cultural, social and linguistic activities that we organize in parallel to the sessions about security, health, practical matters, academics, etc.


And between all of the activities, sessions, and experiences that our students live during these first days, the beginning of the direct enrollment courses in the UB represents a point of inflection because the students visualize and feel that one of their expectations that they had in the United States is about to take place. Fear and excitement are inevitably mixed together and it is very common that the students gather in the office door of the Resident Director to show their concern in regards to the difficulty of the first day in a particular class.

This year is no different as all other years, and a group of students came very worried to my door because they did not know if they would be prepared for the “La narrativa española del Siglo XX” course in the Philology Department in the University of Barcelona. It was very interesting to see how they were calmed immediately when I showed them the answer that I had from the professor of this course when I informed her that my students would be in her course once again. And I would also like to share this with all of you, which, in my opinion, perfectly explains the profile of the students of the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program in the UB:

Dear Alberto,

You cannot imagine the joy that your email has given me.

For me, it is always a pleasure to have your students. They are very hard workers and they always show great involvement with my material.

Un abrazo fuerte y hasta pronto,

Dra. Blanca Ripoll

Dearest students, the first days have passed. Your adventure has only just begun.