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3 posts from July 2016




Summer in The City

Barcelona slips into the summer season with ease, as if the climate and the atmosphere of constant movement that runs through the city during the months of July and August were, in a certain sense, its natural state: residents and visitors populate the streets of the city mixing and merging in the thousands of terraces installed throughout the city while they refresh themselves with a cold drink or an ice cream and watch, almost as if it were a reflection of themselves, as people walk through the streets; one person stops to look at a shop window display, a person reads and considers the “menu of the day” in a restaurant, or how a group of people maintain themselves orderly and calm, waiting patiently in line to enter a museum or a concert hall.

WhatsApp-Image-20160726 (3)

The Barcelona summer comes accompanied with an exciting cultural agenda (prestigious international music festivals, theatre, concerts, outdoor cinema, art expositions…), which is complemented with one of the major attractions of the city: its beaches. One of the most surprising aspects for our students during the first days in Barcelona is finding hundreds of people filling the metros with towels and sun umbrellas, children with their buckets and pails, and swim toys, the smell of summer and suntan lotion, all on their way to go to the beach while they share the ride with others in suits that are on their way to offices, or our students on their way to their classes in the CIEE Study Center.

It is because of this that, for our students, their study abroad experience is everything that we have mentioned before (music, gastronomy, the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, the expositions, the unexpected architecture of Gaudi that surprises us in random corners of the city) but also the academic experience that CIEE attends to with special care. Yes, the students explore the city (walking tours with their professors, activities with local students, visits to museums for a class activity, etc.), the region (last week they visited the Catalan Coast), the country (this weekend they will travel to the south of Spain to visit Valencia), or the continent (next Friday the students from the program Language & Culture will travel to Dublin and the students from the program Business & Culture, that is in the CIEE program “Intercultural Comparative Experience” (ICE), will visit Berlin), but they will also complete, within the next weeks, a course of a total of 45 hours that complements academically, their personal experience.

In this Newsletter, we would like to present you with some of the CIEE professors that are giving classes in the summer programs of the Module III. Thanks to them, our students are better capable of understanding history, business, art and the language of the city that is embracing them.

Meet the Faculty

Linda Reichard

Linda is the professor of “International Marketing.” Linda has more than 20 years experience in Marketing and Communication working in Spain, Mexico and the USA in both multinational and local agencies, and on independent consulting projects. This amazing international journey has allowed Linda to use her natural cross cultural skills and passion for the world of communication, and honed her skills in strategic thinking and project management.

Marisa Santiago


Marisa Santiago is the professor of the Advanced Spanish course in the summer Language & Culture program. She also teaches different Spanish courses (including the “Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers” course) during the fall and the spring terms. Prof. Santiago is an associated professor in the Spanish Department of the University of Barcelona (UB), and in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and author and co-author of an important number of books and articles about the Spanish language, syntax and semantics.

Fernando Janeiro

Fernando (“Nando”) Janeiro, professor of the Language & Culture course “Catalonia & Spain Through the Arts” is a native of Galicia in western Spain. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universidade de Vigo in 2002, he moved to Barcelona and completed a second bachelor’s degree in Humanities (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2007), and then an M.A. in Comparative Studies (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2009), and a Teaching Certificate for Spanish as a Second Language (International House / IL3 Universitat de Barcelona, 2014). Nando is a self-educated illustrator and designer, and he recently published his first comic book, “Rufino y Escrutinio: problemas en los márgenes.”




The second session of our Summer BC and LC programs has just finished and most of the students have already left.

Students arrived a month ago full of expectations and excitement. During the first days they got familiar with the city, the culture, and the people, and here in the Study Center we provided them with important information about Health and Safety, Activities and Excursion, Academics …

After Orientation they had a walking tour around the Old City and we finished by having an amazing lunch to share their first impressions about the city.

During the program many activities were organized for them in order to immerse them in the culture, and develop a closer relationship with their classmates. See some pictures below:


Codorniu Cava´s Factory

02Sarah and Zachary cooking Paella

ICE weekend

Some of the most exciting activities for the summer programs are the included weekend trips. Students went to Tarragona for their local weekend trip. In addition to this, LC students went to Berlin,  BC students went to Palma de Majorca, and multisite students went to Paris for their ICE weekend (Intercultural Comparative Experience), in which our students visit another CIEE city and we in Barcelona host students from other CIEE destinations.

The last day of the program was bitter sweet, the students had their final exam and after that we gathered all together for a farewell lunch.

¡¡¡¡Barcelona will miss you!!!!





Our Summer Internship  program came to its end and students left today! These are some examples of their working experiences:

Getting intercultural skills through the internship

Foto Sara

Sara from University of Boulder-Colorado did her internship in a NGO, Mujeres Felices, which advocates for women’s rights especially in Africa.  Sara helped the organization internationalize by managing their public relations and helping them translate a multitude of texts to English.

This is what she commented: “My experience is going well, what I enjoy most is that I am able to see the business side of working in another country.  So far I have been fascinated by the number of similarities and differences between the United States and Spain's business culture.

From this experience, I have learned to not jump to conclusions so quickly and to see if there is a cultural reason behind people´s actions.  Looking toward the future, I am confident that I can offer potential employers back home a certain intercultural skill set highlighting my ability to function with a high level of ambiguity and having a high level of tolerance and flexibility to adapt to unfamiliar situations with ease.”

Consulting mentoring projects

Foto Kayla

Kayla from Texas Christian University did her internship at Alfa Espai, a consulting co-working company, working at consulting mentoring projects. She assured about her experience:

“Since coming to Barcelona, I have gained a new understanding of a completely different culture, especially through my internship experience. I had initially thought I would be able to communicate with my co-workers mostly in English while trying to improve my basic Spanish, but I was pushed out of my comfort zone on the very first day. I was asked to attend BizBarcelona, a business conference completely in Spanish.  From this experience, I have developed better communication skills and have become more flexible despite language and cultural differences. I have a new found appreciation for diversity and culture. In the future, I will be able to utilize this experience to handle difficult situations and adapt to new unfamiliar environments. “

Taking initiatives to excel in a work environment

AndersonThomasThomas from University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business worked on a finance/real state project at Team On, a finance consulting company.

“When I first got to Spain I was an outgoing individual, however I did not take initiative in my classes or at work. As soon as I started working for TeamOn, all of that changed. I started working and was immediately tasked with several things that were crucial to TeamOn´s business dealings and pitches to various clients. The projects that I have helped complete for them have required my personal input. Suddenly I was taking the initiative at almost every turn. I made several suggestions that helped improve the presentations that TeamOn was pitching to their clients. Together with my coworker, we decided what data would be most suitable to present to potential investors. There was no one looking over our shoulder or telling us how to do our job. Instead, it was entirely based on our own instincts and targeted research. Throughout this whole process I have learned how to excel in work environment. I have learned that you have to take the initiative and utilize your own instincts in order to excel in any profession, especially Finance.”