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Our spring semester has come to its end. Students have learned and enjoyed their stay in Barcelona and we hope they have gained intercultural knowledge after four months of living in a different culture. We wish them a good and safe return home!  Here you have some of the last activities they did. 

Students get inspiration through Service Learning


Liberal Arts students participated in a service learning/community engagement activity as part of their CIEE Advanced Grammar, Composition and Conversation II course.

Lauren from University of Iowa read and sang “The Wheels of the Bus” to the 5 years old kindergarten kids; Sara and Taylor from Vanderbilt University talked about animals and animals sounds to 1st and 2nd graders; Alex from Cornell University and Larkin from Colby College did an oral presentation about Thanksgiving in 3rd grade; Kyle from University of Minnnesota and John from Fordham  talked about Thanksgiving to 4th graders; Anna from Vanderbilt and Caroline from Fordham explained 4th of July celebration; and Zach from University of Iowa did a presentation about rock guitar to 6th graders.

Children were thrilled and they were very interested in asking questions about the American society. “Do you live in Hollywood”, “Do you have music in the States” or “What is your favorite food” were some of the curios questions children asked.

After their volunteering, students interviewed the school principal and the Academic Team to learn about the educational system and compare it to the American one.

We love Granada!

We went to Granada in our program weekend trip.  We toured the traditional muslim neighborhood, Albaicín; visited the number one momunent in Spain, the Alhambra; attended a flamenco show and saw the Catholic Kings (Isabel and Fernando) tombs at the Capilla Real.

Students really enjoyed the trip and some of them even dared to dance some flamenco!

When playing soccer brings people together


Alex from Cornell University played soccer in his neighborhood on Saturdays


This is what he wrote about his experience: “Playing soccer in Gracia has been a great experience so far in that it has allowed me to feel much more a part of Gracia as a neighborhood and experience local culture and language through another means. There is a mixture of Spanish, Colombian, Chilean, Argentinian, and other spanish-speaking players who are incredibly outgoing and interesting to talk to. For instance, two weekends ago I met a man from Santiago, Chile, and we talked about a bit about Patagonia and South American politics. Also, it's quite a different experience from our regular classes at Pompeu Fabra or CIEE in that the players and locals speak incredibly quickly--especially in vastly different accents if they come from South.

CIEE also organizes soccer matches with locals that way our students get to practice sport and meet local people to better integrate in the society.


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