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Language + Culture, Spring 2016, Newsletter II


We have already passed the mid-semester! Language and Culture students have been very busy with classes, cultural activities, and doing sports. Find here some details.

A novel scenario visit: Spanish Civil War bomb shelter

Refugi 1

Refugi 3

Students at the CIEE course Literary Images of Catalonia and Spain are reading the novel The Time of the Doves written by the Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda. The novel is set in Barcelona before, during and after the Spanish Civil war and pictures a young woman's struggles in life. Students went to visit one of city’s bomb shelter build by locals during the wartime, to see in firsthand one of the novel scenarios. 

Carly form Cornell University commented on the visit: “I found it very interesting to learn about how Barcelona residents coped with wartime struggles firsthand”

Picasso´s Barcelona


As part of our study center activities, we offer a tour of the importance of Picasso´s Barcelona. This tour focused on his formative years in Spain - that is, his first artistic steps, his academic education, his inspirations and of course, the influences of Barcelona and its bohemian circles at the turn of the 20th century. A lesser known side of Picasso became visible, showing how the city left its mark in his work as well as how he left his mark in the Catalan capital. 

Christina from Elon University; Daniel from University of Colorado Boulder and Sydney Duettra from Texas Christian University participated in the tour and they even went to the famous restaurant 4 Gats where Picasso used to expose his paintings. 

Master Zumba Class!


To keep students moving we offered them to join a Master Zumba class in a local gym. Some of our students participated in this activity with one of our Spanish Guardian Angels. They had a lot of fun and it was a good activity for group bounding!


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