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These weeks are going very well. We had some great time visiting Bilbao, San Sebastian and Berlin, we got plenty of new ideas working on the Studio projects at IaaC, and we definitely had lots of fun here in Barcelona!


Benson, from California Polytechnic State University, presented at a session during the CIEE conference in Berlin. The session was called “Increasing STEM mobility through study abroad in Europe: engineering, architecture and design”:

"I arrived at IAAC, excited to spend my time abroad and to develop personal skills. The courses seemed interesting: theory, digital tools, and studio. I wasn’t sure how much time the classes would take at IAAC, but I soon gained the perspective that they took the right amount of time. The work from all classes is pretty well integrated, which means that I don’t often spend time on trivial projects or busy-work. This makes for an intensely dedicated education system that I find rare and simultaneously appreciate. I can only attribute the quality of this program to the effort of my professors".

Back in Spain, students and faculty visited together Bilbao, San Sebastian. “At Bilbao, we took a personal tour around the city and learned about the city’s history of urban redevelopment along the waterfront. It was amazing to hear about locals’ change in perspective due to urban development. I also learned about the region’s history and about the Basque language, which is incredible to me, because it has no Latin-based roots. The most relaxing trip was probably the one to San Sebastian, because I walked along the waterfront there and hiked to the mountain. Many of my peers went out and ate pinchos, which are like small snack foods eaten between meals”.




Global AD students during some of the many activities during the Berlin Summit

“The last trip that I went to was Berlin and Berlin was a great trip, because the city was completely different from the European cities I had seen so far. The city’s layout was quite spread out and there was no clear center; however, I felt that the urban infrastructure was quite balanced and advanced. Although, there did seem to be a slightly higher reliance on personal vehicles. In Berlin, I had a Summit and met up with peers from different schools within the same CIEE Global Architecture and Design program across Europe (Prague and Berlin). This was a great experience, because as an architecture student I was able to compare educational experiences and learn from my peers’ educational experiences. Moreover, we had a great chance to join the lecture of Daniel Libeskind and even have one hour meeting with Daniel discussing all our questions regarding his work and architecture in general. I thought the trip was quite informative on both an academic level and an experiential level." 


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