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Inside Scoop from Alice (Barnard College)

Alice recently shared with us her experience participating in our volunteer program.  She said, “I noticed that I have a lot of free time between school hours and my friends. Thus, I decided volunteering may be a good way to invest my time, and it definitely was. On the first day of volunteering, when I went to pick up Iñaki at his school, immediately I felt that I was seeing another side of Barcelona. It made me feel a part of the community. My volunteering family and I would often go to different part of the neighborhood, and my favorite part by far is going to the hair dresser. As a Spanish learner, it can be difficult to find people constantly talking to you about their daily life, but volunteering opened that side to me. I am really glad that I made this decision because it helped me achieve the goal of emerging myself into the Barcelona community.” 

We’re always so happy to hear when students start to feel part of the local community. It would seem that Alice has no problem getting in there with the locals as we can see in the photo below taken on the Economics and Culture trip in Granada last weekend.

Alice in Granada

Alice, in Granada

Wait, you don’t celebrate Halloween here?

Frank and Justin (Vilanova University) got to visit a local elementary school on the 31st of October where they learned that here in Spain, we don’t celebrate Halloween in the classic American sense.  Instead of staying here in the classroom at the CIEE study center, we gave the local elementary students the chance to teach our students about the traditions and celebrations surrounding the castañada (a celebration of autumn and All Saints Day).  Many say that this tradition came from the fact that during All Saints' night, the night before All Souls' Day in the Christian tradition, people would ring bells in commemoration of the dead into the early morning.  As this was an all-night affair, friends and relatives would help, and everyone would eat certain foods, including roasted chestnuts for sustenance and to keep warm. 


Smiling Faces

We have such a good looking group of Economics and Culture students this semester, we couldn’t help ourselves from putting together a collage of their smiling faces.  Looking good guys! From left to right, Hadley (Elon University), Frank (Vilanova University), Lucia (Barnard College) and Abigail (George Washington University), Alice (Barnard College), Emery (Barnard College), Sarah (George Washington University), Brian (Northeastern University), Justin (Vilanova Univeristy), and Matthew (Colby College).

Smiling faces


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