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6 posts from October 2015


Guardian Angel's experiences


This past weekend some students went to Madrid, accompained by four GA and some of the staff of CIEE. During those days we visited the city and even went to visit Toledo one day. We had a tour guide to show us some of the most important things about Madrid. During the tour we had the oportunity to eat jamón serrano and churros con chocolate, typical food of Spain. We visited the Prado museum and Las Meninas, the incredible Velazquez painting. We also had a lot of free time to visit the city on our own, visiting places like the Retiro Park or El Palacio Real. It was a really great trip.

Xavi Ortega


"To have the chance of working meeting people from the U.S. is one of the best experiences in my life. But if a normal Wednesday someone from the CIEE calls you to give the news you’ll have the opportunity to travel with your group of american students to Madrid, makes the experience even better! For most locals (including myself), Madrid doesn’t seem a big deal, but this travel made me feel like I was part of this american group, as if I was from New York, Boston or wherever, which was awesome. To interact with the students for 3 whole days and visiting Madrid and Toledo most beautiful places, was a constant fun! Honestly, I wish I could go back to the past and live those days again."

Irene Altozano


This past weekend in Madrid has been amazing! We have done a lot of things in just 3 days, from visiting the Prado museum to going to Toledo, a beautiful city just one hour far from Madrid city. We have also enjoyed a guided tour in the city center, a visit in Reina Sofia museum and also in the Royal Palace, a stroll in El Rastro Market, some of the typical Spanish food (jamón, churros con chocolate, mazapán...) and the lively vibe of the capital in general. I'm very happy I got to know all the students and I'm sure it has been a great experience for them too :)

Andrea Palau


An unexpected journey

PostsI'm a Spanish student working part-time as Guardian Angel of CIEE, and I had the unexpected opportunity to travel to Madrid the first weekend of October with American students of Business + Culture program, with other 3 GAs.  I already visited Madrid in other occasions, but it was the first time I did tourism in the city with lots of guys of my age. We've been hanging all day around the city, and one day in Toledo, and we lived great experiences:  eating at a delicious Churros bar, going dinner Tapas at Madrid old district and laughing in a charming square, etc.  The best way I could have ever imagined to visit the capital of Spain.

Marcos Rodes



6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d10b2fe0970c-800wiFirst Day of Work!

Pablo Martín and Javier Moran, both from Carleton College, started their internships at Audiconsultories in the center of Barcelona. Audiconsultories is an auditing firm which provides services to companies that range from legal counseling to human resource management. Pablo Martín will have the opportunity to work alongside the economists, while Javier Moran will be more involved with the legal department.  Don’t they look happy to start?

Internship EC

Brunching it up in Barcelona

During the first week while classes were just getting started, we had the chance to get to know each other a little better.  And what’s a better way to break the ice, then over a cold glass of orange juice and some eggs benedict?  After our delicious brunch, we headed out for a fun tour of the gothic quarter with our professor, Nuria who teaches our Catalonia and Spain through the Arts class.  BRUNCH

American Students Trying Catalan Food

A couple of our Economics and Culture students came out to participate in our first CIEE video of students trying Catalan food and snacks for the first time.  Part of our goal building is group goals, which are things like finding a local café where they know your order or trying new foods.  So this time we decided to add a twist and of course, record it. A big thanks goes out to Brian (Northeastern University) and Alice (Barnard College) who participated.


And PS it’s just apple juice…




Bienvenidos, Welcome to Barcelona!

Language and Culture Program students have already been in Barcelona for a month and they have already done a lot of activities! We held orientation; they participated in tours and excursions; visited the Guadí Park Güell with their Guardian Angels; attended the host institution Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Welcome session; and started their UPF and CIEE classes. Here there are some details:

Foto portada

Exploring Barcelona with Guardian Angels

 Guardian Angels (GA) are local students who help our students to get familiarized with the city, they accompany them, participate with them in cultural activities and incorporate them in the society.  LC students already shared a Tapas Night with their GA´s and toured the host institution Pompeu Fabra.

Park Güell con GA

Biblioteca UPFHow to get immersed: soccer, castellers, cook and taste!

Students were able to choose between several day trips around Catalonia with the rest of Barcelona CIEE students. They have been also participating in several cultural activities to immerse with locals and to better understand cultural aspects such as a Picasso tour, a casteller practice, or soccer matches with Spanish students.


Don Quixote, first edition: 1506

LC students taking the CIEE course: Literary Images of Catalonia and Spain did an onsite class at the Catalonia Library. There, they saw the first edition of the Don Quixote by Cervantes dated on 1506 ! and had a tour of the Library. 

Sala Cervantina_web




Welcome to LA Fall Semester!

Students have been very busy the first month in Barcelona!. We held orientation, they finished our CIEE Spanish intensive classes and started UPF and CIEE extensive courses, students participated in tours and excursions, and they started to shake it at the Salsa class!. Here there are some details:


Orientation and UPF Welcome Session

During the three-day orientation, students had the opportunity to meet the group; attend the Welcome, Safety , Academics and Cultural Activities talk, start to get familiarize with the city, meet their Guardian Angels and tour the Gothic Quarter.  In our effort to engage students in a intercultural competence experience, we held our first session and talk titled: “How to break the American Bubble”, in which we give them some tools and advice to get out their comfort zone in order to have a more successful and enriching experience.

Students also attended the host institution, Pompeu Fabra, welcome session where they learned about the university; academic offerings; university community services; presentation of the Hispanic and European Studies Program; and a discussion with UPF local students on the UPF academic culture.


CIEE Intensive Spanish class

Upon taking the Spanish level test, students are placed into the CIEE Intensive Spanish classes: Advanced Grammar, Composition and Conversation and Advanced Spanish for Academic Discourse. Out of classroom activities are held in this course, such a visit to a local market to practice food vocabulary and ordering expressions or a scanvenger hunt through a unique neighborhood in Barcelona, Gracia, where they have to ask the locals and even find a Civil War bomb shelter.  Besides, they have to do oral presentations in class to review a Spanish film.12

Club Quijotes and Salsa Class!

LA students can join the Quijotes Club, a club to promote the use of Spanish at all times and the intercultural competence and integration. Students need to participate in different cultural activities, such as a Salsa workshop, one-day volunteer campaigns, attend a casteller practice, or watch a Barça football game with locals, among others. Quijotes students also need to attend the Intercambio nights, where they meet local students to do an exchange conversation English/Spanish.


Students already shook it and had a good time in the Salsa workshop! 




A new exciting semester is here and Architecture and Design students are already fully immersed in the local life of the city!

Ad1Brit and Kristin with their host family right after their arrival, and at a weekend trip with them in Colera (Girona)



AD students partaking of CIEE-organized orientation and cultural activities

 Classes are well underway. As part of the core class “The City in Visual Culture”, students have been to the Raval neighborhood and studied the gentrification process that started 30 years ago. They have also visited an exhibition called Piso Piloto, which explains “the relationship of mutual cooperation [of Medellín and Barcelona] that have been distinguished internationally for having promoted an inclusive urban planning strategy that has put many public spaces at the service of social redistribution”.


AD students during a walking tour in the Raval: Museum Maritim, Rambla del Raval, CCCB and a graffiti in carrer de Joaquim Costa

 This exhibition was a very fitting start for the Architecture Studio too. This semester’s project is about social housing in Barcelona. The assigned site is a contested lot located in Barcelona´s historic old center in the Ribera neighborhood. Formerly a military facility the site was zoned for public housing for the elderly and a public space. At the present moment there is a heated debate going and protests by neighborhood groups because a new hotel is in construction. The site has archaeological remnants of the city´s Medieval wall and a canal dating back to the middle ages.


The students discussing their first ideas for their projects with their instructor


The site for the Architecture Studio Project