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6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d10b2fe0970c-800wiFirst Day of Work!

Pablo Martín and Javier Moran, both from Carleton College, started their internships at Audiconsultories in the center of Barcelona. Audiconsultories is an auditing firm which provides services to companies that range from legal counseling to human resource management. Pablo Martín will have the opportunity to work alongside the economists, while Javier Moran will be more involved with the legal department.  Don’t they look happy to start?

Internship EC

Brunching it up in Barcelona

During the first week while classes were just getting started, we had the chance to get to know each other a little better.  And what’s a better way to break the ice, then over a cold glass of orange juice and some eggs benedict?  After our delicious brunch, we headed out for a fun tour of the gothic quarter with our professor, Nuria who teaches our Catalonia and Spain through the Arts class.  BRUNCH

American Students Trying Catalan Food

A couple of our Economics and Culture students came out to participate in our first CIEE video of students trying Catalan food and snacks for the first time.  Part of our goal building is group goals, which are things like finding a local café where they know your order or trying new foods.  So this time we decided to add a twist and of course, record it. A big thanks goes out to Brian (Northeastern University) and Alice (Barnard College) who participated.


And PS it’s just apple juice…


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