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3 posts from September 2015




CIEE Students Try Catalan Food!

Many of our Business and Culture students came out to participate in our first CIEE video of students trying Catalan food and snacks for the first time.  A big thanks goes out to those who participated including Andre, Stela, Paris and Andrew (Babson College), Elaine (Purdue University), Brett (Elon University), Jack, Bryar and Lizzie (University of Minnesota), Matthew (University of La Verne), Felicia (Rochester Institute of Technology), Amanda and Alex (University of Colorado Boulder), and Kira (George Washington University).  A special thanks to Zach (Elon University) for doing all the editing.  Enjoy!

And PS it’s just apple juice…

CIEE Students Try Catalan Food from Elizabeth Pogoloff on Vimeo.

Visit with the Director of the Barcelona Museo de Xocolata

This semester the CIEE Barcelona Study center welcomes the Director of Barcelona’s Museo de Xocolata and Business Professor, Francisco Gil.  Francisco is currently teaching International Marketing in Spanish and decided to take his students to see where all the magic happens! Elaine (Purdue University), Hannah (Elon University) and Brian (Indiana University) enjoying a hands-on and a behind the scenes look at the Museum’s activities. 

International Marketing museo de xocolata

Wait! It rains in Barcelona!?

While we’ve been enjoying the end of our typical sunny Barcelona summer, students were caught by surprise when the skies opened up during the first week of class and they were trapped in the study center totally unprepared.  But that’s what we’re here for, right?  Mathew (University of La Verne), Carl (University of Colorado Boulder), Kavish, Connor and Naman (Babson College) looking adorable in their impromptu raincoats:

Tendencia RAIN COATS! (2)


Global Architecture and Design, Fall 2015, Newsletter I


WP_20150904_13_03_07_ProLast week we started another exciting term of the Global Architecture and Design Program with a great group of new students.

GAD01After the orientation days, students were excited to begin their classes at CIEE and IaaC. This term started with two intensive workshops: a Spanish language workshop at CIEE and a Digital Tools Workshop with Aldo Sollazzo at the IaaC Campus. During these 4 days at IaaC, students were making their first steps in parametric architecture, developing beautiful patterns using plug-in Grasshopper. On the last day of the workshop, students prepared small panels with parametric patterns using a laser cutter. The final output of the workshop was quite impressive, please check it out!

Photo 3 (1)

In order to make students familiar with other machines and fabrication methods, we organised a tour in FabLab Barcelona with Anya Popova, Fab Lab Barcelona Fabrication Assistant. After the FabLab tour we had a lecture with Guillem Camprodon, Fab Lab Barcelona Project Manager & Smart Citizen lead researcher, and a short introduction to the SmartCitizen project.

This past Monday the students also had their first Future Cities Design studio class, and they started to work on their draft proposals towards the design studio projects. We will see how the project continues...!!



6a010536fa9ded970b01b8d10b2fe0970c-800wiEMPIEZAN LAS CLASES

WP_20150907_002Finally, the moment has arrived and this week classes commence. This term, 20 students from 15 different universities will have their first contact with new professors, new classmates and new material. But for all of them, they will share the biggest new experience in their lives: different from their previous years on campus, this fall, they will encounter an academic culture that is completely new. We have been busy preparing the students during these past 10 days in an intense orientation in Barcelona where we have discussed at length the differences that exist between the American university system, the European university system in general, and the Spanish university system in particular. They know that they need to be patient that they must be flexible and mold themselves to the different requirements and expectations that this new endeavor demands. However, what is the study abroad program if not this exactly? 

Some examples: Miles (Tufts University) will take courses such as “Statistics I” and “International Economic Organization” in the University of Barcelona Economics department; Amy (University of La Verne) “Psychology of Work," " Psychology of Sexuality,” and “Witness Remembrance” in the Psychology department –in addition to “Arabic I” in the Modern Language department–; Elizabeth (Vanderbilt University) will try “Latin American Literature until Modernism” and “Spanish Narrative of the XX Century” in the Spanish Literature department; Kyle (George Washington University) has opted for “Online Communications,” “Contemporary Spain” and “Contemporary Spanish Theatre”; Anna will take “Anthropology and Feminism” and also “Literature and Cinema in Spain”; and Catalina (University of Minnesota) will concentrate in her major in Biology and will take, amongst other courses, “Cellular Biology” and “Experimental Design and Analysis of Data.” 

These are just some examples of the courses that the students from the ALA of CIEE program have selected, and without a doubt, will contribute in acquiring a new academic perspective in their lives as students. And, as I have repeated to our students so many times during orientation, when they go back home in December, they will see that Spanish isn't just a second language used for communication, but also an academic language. It is a great gift…



ALA students in a Bread-making workshop