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Newsletter: Barcelona Summer Programs


It is Summer in Barcelona!

This summer CIEE has changed the layout of our summer programs. Instead of one 7 week program (as we ran in the past), we had 3 back-to-back sessions lasting 4 weeks each. Some students attended one session, some stayed for two, some spent one session with us and then moved to another CIEE location for another session, and in addition to this we had an internship program taking place. As you can imagine, it was a busy summer with lots of movement and it has been one of the best summers we've ever had! The students have been inquisitive, engaging, and lots of fun to be with.


Language & Culture Program

One of the three programs offered this summer was the Language & Culture track, where students were able to take Spanish or one of the culture classes such as Catalonia and Spain through the Arts, Urban Culture in Contemporary Barcelona, or Spain Today: Politics and Society. As always, all the classes relied heavily on exploring the city and exgaging with locals as part of their class structure. Here are just a few photos from the field trips for the Urban Culture class, and check out this short video from one of our Spanish classes warming up their vocal cords here at the study center!



Business & Culture Program

We were excited to welcome our first group of students for our Business and Culture Summer program.  All three modules were a huge success and students had the opportunity to gain business credits while enjoying the Barcelona summer.  Students took a variety of classes, including International Marketing, International Management, Sustainability and CSR, Competitive Strategy and the Spanish Economy.   Not only did they have fun with us on all our cultural activities, students had the opportunity for many on class field trips, such as a visit to the Museu de Xocolate where they met with the marketing director and  got to participate in a chocolate making workshop. 


Cultural Activities

Each of our three back-to-back summer sessions included a weekend trip in Catalonia as well as a chance for students to participate in an International Compartitive Experience trip where they went to Berlin, London or Paris for a weekend. To compliment the international weekend, students participated in seminars on intercultural learning and development. We've also been running our usual array of cultural activities, language exchanges, movie nights, and classes.

We have so many photos from our field trips and activities, it is hard to choose which to share. Here are some to get you started, but don't forget to like us on facebook to see more of this summer and updates on our activities as they happen!!

  Best of Summer 14 Photos1

Best of Summer 14 Photos