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NewsletterbannerThe CIEE and the Universitat de Barcelona classes are ending this week, and the students participating in the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program are quite busy preparing their papers and studying for their final exams. Next week, some students will be going back home. Some of them have been hired for very interesting internship positions in the States where their time in Barcelona (their proficiency in Spanish and their acquisition of intercultural competence during this term have been a key factor in some cases). Others will be spending more time here exploring different corners of Spain and Europe during the coming weeks before restarting their classes at their home universities.

At CIEE we try, as it is part of our mission, “to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.” In my opinion, the 29 students this spring term are the perfect example of this: during these intense months in Spain, while attending direct enrolment courses at the Universitat de Barcelona and CIEE culture courses, and participating in an endless list of cultural and academic activities, they have not only improved their knowledge of the Spanish language (certified by the Instituto Cervantes’ Diploma de español como lengua extranjera, the DELE), but they have also learned that there are other ways to learn, and to understand and conceive the world.
We are really proud of them because we know that it is not easy to change one's country, language and academic culture. We are proud, and happy, because they have succeeded. And their success is CIEE's success and purpose. 





We leave you with a small example of a video that some of the Advanced Liberal Arts students made for one of their CIEE classes:


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