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2 posts from July 2011


Great TimeLapse Video

Thanks to Spring LC for passing this link! Beautiful footage of this incredible city...



TimeLapse Barcelona from Loyam on Vimeo.


Summer Photo Contest

The CIEE summer program ended last week, but we wanted to share some of the highlights from the student photo contest with you. You can see past semesters' photos here and here.

Austin Perry - Colliure Collioure
Austin - California State University at San Marcos

Cheers - Brie
Brianna - Northeastern University

Darth vaders - emily noble
Darth Vaders
Emily - University of Colorado Boulder

Magic fountain - amber Magic Fountain
Amber - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

New heights - emily noble New Heights
Emily - University of Colorado Boulder

On top of the world - david andrews On Top of the World
Andrew - University of Iowa

Cava - reiko
Reika - Brandeis University

Castellers - austin perry Castellers
Austin - California State University at San Marcos

And some of our personal favorites from Summer 2011:

Summer collage1


If you missed it, don't foget to check out 2 months 35 countries, as 3 recent college grads travel the world visiting CIEE participants. Shay posted some lovely photos from her visit to Barcelona in the following posts: