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2 posts from June 2011


Shay's Visit

Shay has only been here a few days and already has put together these amazing videos as well as some incredible photos. Visit her blog to see all of them!


2 months, 35 countries

The summer 2011 students arrived this week and had a busy orientation. They've already been subjected to tours of the city, a scavenger hunt, lunch with their Guardian Angels, a trip to Sitges, and today are in full swing of their first day of classes.

Some of the students playing a getting to know you game
during the first day of orientation.


You'll hear lots more from the summer students in the coming weeks, but we are still also very excited for one more person who has not yet arrived. Shay Spaniola is one of the winners of the "2 months 35 countries" contest at CIEE. She will be visiting several CIEE sites in Latin America, Spain and Africa in the coming months and reporting back through her blog and flickr account. Shay will be in Barcelona late next week, but you can follow her adventures as well as those of Alex and Eziquiel on the CIEE website.

2 months